Sexuality: Approaching Controversial Issues with GRACE, TRUTH and HOPE

Sexuality: Approaching Controversial Issues with GRACE, TRUTH and HOPE

Miller addresses the purposes of sex in marriage, singleness, cohabitation, homosexuality (and more) within a biblical framework filled with grace. He helps us understand and steward our sexuality by providing fresh insights into God’s wisdom. Many people just don't know how to talk about these issues with friends and family. This book will help you think with the mind of Christ and express empathy with the heart of Christ. It comes with a unique guide that enhances both individual and group learning. The book and study guide are designed for men and women, married or single to discuss together. The aim of the study is to help you grow in Christ by gaining a richer, biblical understanding of sexuality.

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“One of the most important conversations that needs to happen in the church right now is a conversation about sexuality and our faith. This is exactly what Bruce Miller provides in his new book, Sexuality.  I don't agree with everything Bruce says but one thing is for sure, Bruce is a competent guide that will lead you directly to Jesus. I'm thankful that he has written this book.”

Ron Citlau
Lead Pastor Calvary Church
Co-author of Compassion without Compromise: How the Gospel frees us to love our gay friends without losing the truth

 "In this book my friend, Bruce Miller, has given us a solid, biblical treatment of sexuality. This sometimes provocative, always sensitive, and deeply theological text will be a book people reach for to help others find the answers to questions created by the ever-changing moral underpinning of our society."

Michael Fletcher, Sr. Pastor
Manna Church

“Here’s a must read book for all of us who are living in a culture that is becoming more and more sexualized.  In his own journey as a theologian and pastor, Bruce Miller helps all of us understand more fully God’s perspective on sexuality—not only from the whole biblical story—but in terms of how to apply enduring truths as both married couples and as singles.”

Gene Getz
Professor, Pastor, Author
Author of Measure of a Man

"Bruce Miller has written an important book that gently but firmly challenges some of our knee-jerk (and frankly unbiblical) responses to the rapidly changing sexual mores of our culture. I guarantee you that you’ll find it challenging, helpful, and biblical."

Larry Osborne
Author and Pastor, North Coast Church, Vista, CA

 “Through God's grace and with guidance from the Holy Spirit, Bruce tackles a truly prevalent and culturally controversial subject with a "What Would Jesus Do" attitude—the outcome is LOVE. An overwhelmingly eye-opening biblically based study from many aspects.” 

Bob Hansen

 “Bruce Miller has written a clear and practical guide for our sexual lives. This book is biblically rooted, informed by the experience of human brokenness, and provides wise counsel for being holy in this realm of our lives.”

Dennis P. Hollinger, Ph.D.
President & Colman M. Mockler Distinguished Professor of Christian Ethics 
Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary
Author of The Meaning of Sex: Christian Ethics and the Moral Life

“Bruce Miller’s writing in Sexuality is biblical, helpful and surprisingly worshipful. I found myself praising God as I saw His redemptive plan more clearly and His purpose for sex, singleness and marriage more comprehensively. This is quality pastoral care on display!”

Peter Hubbard
Teaching Pastor, North Hills Community Church
Author of Love Into Light: The Gospel, the Homosexual and the Church

“Bruce has a remarkable ability to think theologically at a very high level and then communicate it in a very accessible way. He applies this to the biggest hot button issue of our day, and in so doing provides great help for the rest of us as we navigate the topic of sexuality in a challenging cultural climate. Sexuality is a brief, but amazingly thorough and profound addition to the conversation.”

Jeff L. Jones
Senior Pastor, Chase Oaks Church

 “A clear, compelling, culturally relevant, and grace-filled perspective. His thoughtful insights provide readers with an anchor and a compass for understanding the issues and making application both personally and as a leader.”

Greg Ligon
Vice President and Publisher, Leadership Network

“Finally, a book about sexuality that is both biblically faithful and lovingly compassionate, theologically astute and practically applicable! It does not surprise me, though, that my friend and fellow pastor, Bruce B. Miller, is the author because he has not just studied these issues, but lived them out in his family and church (as I have in mine with Bruce as my model!). This book is so powerful not just because it provides truthful answers, but truthful answers marinated in grace. I highly recommend it for all who long to know the heart of Jesus for sexual brokenness.

“The log, love, gospel approach is a beautifully rendered posture for churches to assume. If people will apply this teaching by using the study guide, I predict they will have a transformative experience in their lives and churches.”

E. Andrew McQuitty, Sr. Pastor, Irving Bible Church
Author of Notes from the Valley: A Spiritual Travelogue Through Cancer

 “Few societal changes have happened more rapidly than our culture's acceptance of same sex marriage. People who have traditional views on marriage, especially those who are struggling with how to articulate their thoughts and feelings, will be especially blessed by Pastor Miller's work. I'd like to especially encourage pastors and leadership teams to read this book together—it will encourage, challenge and inform their ministry now and in the future. Taking a broader view—one of Christian sexual ethics—puts us all in the place where we can confess our brokenness to Jesus and receive grace.”

The Rev. Mike Michie, Rector
Andrew's Episcopal Church

 "As a conscientious objector in the culture wars, Miller models a freedom from the cultural captivity that characterizes many treatments of Scripture and sexuality. He follows the Bible into a truth that is unexpected, prophetic, and grace-full."

Tim Otto, Gay Pastor
Author of Oriented to Faith

 “As an outsider and a disagree-er, I think you are a visionary and a peacemaker. You show people how to live out the teachings of Christ in times that are so divisive and so very difficult to navigate alone. Your words penetrate the insanity and fear of the world and seem to quickly and effectively change hearts and minds. You speak Christ's unbiased compassion in a way that people understand and can see how they can do it in their own lives. In other words, you rock. This book can make a real difference.”

Judy Simon

 “Personally, it was refreshing and affirming to me to read that single people are honored, loved, even treasured, as much as married people in the church and why that is so. Bruce is correct in writing that most of us don’t really know how to correctly handle our sexuality in a way that honors God and respects our own personhood as created in God’s image. As for the emotionally charged issue of same-sex relationships and marriages, I commend Bruce for thoughtfully laying out both truth and grace to guide us as we navigate these relationships in our lives. I found the study guide and questions posed throughout the book to be so helpful and thought-provoking. This book is an excellent resource that can be used for individual study and as a group study for all ages.”

Linda Stanley
Vice President & Team Leader
Leadership Network

"The hottest topic for pastors in the last year has been in how to address issues swirling around human sexuality for their congregations. Pastors that want to balance grace, truth and a high view of Scripture will benefit from Bruce's new work. It is borne out by practical application, the need to communicate to a diverse congregation, and solid exegesis. This is a great guide; appropriate for pastors and small groups to help them apply biblical truth and wisdom to these issues. I commend it highly."

Dave Travis, CEO Leadership Network

“Bruce’s heart for those struggling in this area and faithfulness to God's Word was refreshing and insightful. I really believe God will use this work to help others deal with this important topic in a God honoring way. Study guide is brilliant.

Ron Zappia, Lead Pastor
Harvest Naperville

 Special note: This study is unique. Most studies on sexuality are designed for adolescents urging them to wait; or for men involved in pornography aimed at helping them stop; or for couples helping them improve their sex life. Instead, this study is aimed at all the people in a typical church small group. It’s designed to be done with men, women, married and single, all together. The aim of the study is to grow in Christ by gaining a more robust and nuanced biblical understanding of sexuality.

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